Dorm Isolation Procedures - COVID-19

Dorm Isolation Procedures - COVID-19

The following procedures and guidelines have been developed to manage the well-being of our dorm students should self-isolation become necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
*updated September 29, 2020

Self-Isolation for International Travellers at Luther College at the University of Regina (LCUR)

  • International students will self-isolate at LCUR dorms for 14 days.
  • If an international student arrived in Canada and spent <14 days in self-isolation anywhere in Canada before arriving at school, they will need to spend time in self-isolation at LCUR dorms to equal 14 days of mandatory self-isolation.
  • A member of Luther's emergency response team will be notified if a student is symptomatic, as Healthline 811 will need to be called for directions on testing. Testing will be done 48 hours after becoming symptomatic because there could be a false negative if tested within the first 48 hours.

Self-Isolation for Symptomatic Dorm Students

  • Luther College High School (LCHS) students who develop symptoms will self-isolate in a private room.
  • Our school nurse will do COVID-19 testing at the high school for symptomatic students. If the school nurse is unavailable Healthline 811 will be contacted for direction regarding COVID-19 testing. At this time, Public Health recommends only isolating close contacts if the symptomatic student is a confirmed positive case.
  • If two students are symptomatic, they will be isolated in different rooms as one student could have COVID-19 and the other influenza.
  • For symptomatic students that test negative for COVID-19 but have been in contact with a positive case, Public Health will advise they will continue to isolate for the remainder of their 14-day isolation period and until 48 hours after their symptoms have significantly improved (including no longer having a fever). These students will be transferred to the university campus (LCUR) for their 14-day isolation period.

Self-Isolation for Positive Cases of Dorm Students with COVID-19

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be moved to the university campus (LCUR) dorms for 14 days of self-isolation and until Public Health advises the student can return to school.
  • Public Health will do contact tracing from 48 hours before test results. Public Health will decide if non-close contacts need to self-monitor and close contacts (roommate) need to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • The positive student’s parents will be notified regarding the diagnosis.
  • Luther College High School will notify all parents, students and employees if the school has positive COVID cases of either a dorm student or a day student. Public Health will be involved regarding our procedure, decision to return to virtual learning, isolating close contacts, contact tracing as well as monitor the positive student’s symptoms.

All Isolating Dorm Students

  • The isolation unit at the university campus (LCUR) will be on a different level than LCUR healthy students.
  • At LCUR, girls will be isolated on opposite side from boys.
  • For dorm students who are waiting on test results, isolation rooms are available in both boys and girls dorms at the high school.
  • LCUR students who are positive for COVID-19 will be isolated on the same level with the LCHS isolating students.
  • The student will be given a mask to use when going to and from the washroom or muster point during a fire alarm.
  • Bathrooms will be assigned and separate from healthy students. 
  • Residence staff will check isolating student’s temperature two times per day and monitor COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Residence staff will notify the teachers and parents of a dorm student’s absenteeism due to COVID-19 symptoms so virtual learning will be available for them.

Self-Monitoring for Dorm Students

Students who arrive at LCHS from within Canada:

  • Students can stay at LCHS and go to classes during their 14 day self-monitoring period.
  • Temperature checks will be done two times per day by LCHS residence staff and students are to answer the COVID-19 screening questions daily:
  1.         Do you feel sick today? 
  2.         Have you or anyone in your household experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days?
  3.         Have you or anyone in your household been outside of Canada in the past 14 days? 
  4.         Have you or anyone in your household been exposed to anyone diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus? 
  5.         Have you lived in, visited or worked in a community or facility deemed an area of concern for COVID-19?
  • A student who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or answered YES to any of the screening questions will be put into self-isolation. Healthline 811 will be contacted for direction on testing.