Dorm Life - What To Bring

What to Bring to Luther College High School

This check list is designed to help you in your packing. Some items are optional, others are needed by everyone. Almost everything on this list can be purchased when you arrive in Regina. The dorm staff will arrange shopping trips for you when you arrive. 

Alarm Clock
Students must turn in their phones/iPods at lights out

School Supplies
Paper, pens, calculator, binders. On the first day of school, teachers will give you a list of supplies for their class.

Towels & Toiletries
Towel and facecloth
Toothbrush and toothpaste

Sheets, pillow case and comforter or blankets for a twin bed (39 x 80 inches or 99 x 203 cm)

Clothes hangers 

Laundry detergent and laundry basket 

For Your Room

Pictures or appropriate posters to decorate your room

Small fridge - 3 cubic feet or less in size

Desk lamp 

Wireless internet is available in all dorm rooms, classrooms and common areas  

Gym Clothes

Shorts or yoga pants
Socks and shoes 
Swim suit or trunks  

Casual Wear
For after school - jeans/sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts

School Dress
No jeans or denim of any colour
No t-shirts with questionable images or sayings

Dress-up clothes for special school functions
For boys, a jacket, shirt and tie or nice sweater and pants
For girls, dresses, both formal and informal, or a nice skirt or pants and blouse or sweater 

Prescription and over the counter drugs are to be taken to the School Nurse. She will check them over and decide if you are allowed to keep them in your room. 


The following items are not allowed:

Hot plates, woks, rice cookers, heaters, candles, incense, microwaves.

Humidifiers - We will provide  appropriate ones for students if necessary.

No pets of any kind including fish and turtles.

No weapons, including knives, guns, archery equipment, and martial arts weapons.

Illegal substances and drug paraphernalia are strictly prohibited.