Prayer of a Surgeon

Did You Know?

  • The first annual Senior Girls Volleyball Tournament was held in 1998 and is still going strong today!

  • Luther students, even though from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, have the opportunity to be part of tightly woven community of students, parents, alumni, teachers and staff. Typically 12% of the school’s student body originates from outside of Canada.

  • The International Baccalaureate provides an enriched curriculum that both covers and extends beyond regular Saskatchewan curricula in its depth and detail. It emphasizes the development of the necessary critical skills that university-bound students need to master: reflecting, inquiring, thinking, analyzing and evaluating.

  • When the College was first looking to relocate from Melville to Regina, it considered land at College & Winnipeg, College & Broad, and 23rd & Albert, finally settling on 18 acres of land on the west end of property owned by Government House, now called Royal Street.

  • Luther College High School is recognized as one of the four best university preparatory schools in western Canada with as many as 96% of Luther graduates pursuing post-secondary educations. 

  • Did you know there is a 3rd floor to the boy's dorm? It was traditionally assigned to upper level students who were more mature & responsible. Students who lived up there in the 1940’s confessed, in hushed tones, to having a radio when those devices were against school policy.

  • Do you know someone in Kindergarten to Grade 8 that would like to be part of the Luther Family? Encourage them to join the Future Luther Student program!

  • In the late 1920's, during an in-house baseball tournament, Rex Schneider entered a team called "Prof Schneider's Battling Lions." This is the first hint that someday Luther teams would be known as the Lions.  

Prayer of a Surgeon

I want to tell you about Mark Pool. He is a cardiac surgeon who works in a Dallas hospital and he’s very good – people come from all around to get his help.  And he gives his patients the best of care and he always asks them a question that probably no doctor has ever asked you. He says, “May I pray with you?” Imagine in a doctor asked you that!  What would your reaction be?  Well, some of them are a bit weirded out by that and they say something like “No thanks…I’m good.”  But a lot of them say “yes.” And they feel better and connected, and this sends a signal to them that their doctor is humble enough to know he doesn’t know it all.  He’s humble enough to ask God for help. Dr. Pool says, "God is the Great Physician.  He is the One who controls life and death," and he likens himself, his vocation as being like a tool that God uses – like his scalpel:  "[In] the same way, I see myself  as an instrument in the hand of God.  So I'm the one doing the operation, but He's the one guiding me."

Now, he knows his patients are often kind of scared and see him as this big powerful doctor this authority figure and he tries to make them feel better by praying for them – in fact, he feels it is part of his Christian convictions to ask if he can pray with them. Now, I want to say that I honestly don’t understand how prayer really works as much as I’d like to but I know that it works.  And I know that one thing prayer does is that it lessens the gap between people.  It helps us be closer to others.  Jesus says “Pray for your enemies and those who have done wrong to you.” That’s hard to do – after all aren’t your enemies the ones you want to keep furthest from you?   But if we are able to do that we at least start to understand them a bit more, we get to figure out a bit about their situation.

There was a member of my family who was an abusive person and when I stopped being furious with him I tried to pray for him.  It was hard to do but one thing that came clear was the reason he did what he did was because he felt powerless and he found security and self-worth by having power over another person.  I wasn’t so angry with him afterwards. Prayer is that it connects us to each other – that we are united – not separate – Mother Teresa said  “We belong to each other and we do violence to each other when we forget that”.

Prayer reminds us of this truth.

This surgeon prays for every patient. I’m going to show you a video in a minute and in it shows a scene of a teacher praying for his students. What would it be like if we prayed for each other each day? What if your teachers prayed for you every day? Or you prayed for yourteam or your dorm brothers or sisters?  My feeling is you’d feel closer to them and understand them better.  Especially if you prayed for those you had difficulty with. We prayed yesterday the Lord’s Prayer.  There’s a lot in that prayer but one thing I just want to highlight today is it starts with “Our Father”.

I remember as a little kid asking my dad years ago “Can’t I just say my father who art in heaven?" I mean, I’m the only one praying” and he said to me and he was a pretty private man – he said “No, you pray ‘Our Father’ because God is everyone’s father and we all are his children.”  It’s my belief as a Christian that we are each other’s brothers and sisters. OK, I’m leaving you with an idea to pray for others – and I want you to see this wonderful video and it’s the Lord’s Prayer – sung in Swahili… I love how it brings people together. It’s joyful! Enjoy.