Enjoying the Journey

I remember one day when travelling through the Rocky Mountains we stopped at this look out place, an observation post.  We needed to stretch our legs and look around and to our wonder, we could see everything from this place.  We could see the Frazer River – this powerful river – amazing anyone could navigate it, we could see mountains – huge mountains – magnificent mountains and we had the sunshine and look over there you can see where there had been a landslide.

We drank it all in… we could look at it a long time it was so beautiful.  It was one of those happy places you find on holiday.

And suddenly this big RV pulled up beside us – it was huge, the size of the ‘Titanic’ and the driver jumped out and he looked wildly around and whipped out his camera and he ran over here and took a picture and ran over there and took another picture and three or four pictures randomly and then… he hopped into his car and drove off in a spray of gravel.  I didn’t know you could make an RV go that fast…and he was gone! My brother and I kind of looked at each in amazement! For a second I  thought we’d travelled too long and I had a touch of sunstroke and it was an hallucination it all happened so fast! Then my brother said “I guess he’ll have to look at his pictures later on to see if he had a good holiday!”

I wondered about him… he seemed pretty goal set on getting wherever he was going in a hurry…no time to look around very much… which seemed kind of sad because he was on holiday. I had a friend once who always had a tag on her e-mails which said “Enjoying the journey.”

I kind of liked that. I think we can get pretty wrapped up in getting to our destination that we forget to enjoy the journey there – we  kind of forget like that man to look around and appreciate the process of it all… Well today is the first day of school and the beginning of the journey into the new year – and you know what that’s like, ten busy months. I want to suggest  that we can be a bit goal-centered in that journey. And lots of us have great goals we want to do this year  - perhaps be able to make the team or get the best grades. Perhaps to be the Luther Gold student…or be in musical…or to graduate … or figure out what’s next or find a university… or whatever…

And while all the goals are great perhaps we forget to enjoy the journey – and only look at the end goal.

We have a chance right now to learn and discover and to try out new skills it’s a time we can be together.  God has given us this space in our lives to be together.  Slow down and look around…that’s part of enjoying the journey. The psalm we just read (Psalm 139) talks about how God watches over the journeys we are making how God knows all the twists and turns of the path all the hazards of the road and is a protecting presence. Isaiah reminds us that God’s perspective is not our perspective. “My thoughts are not your thoughts” - God has the big picture.  Jesus knows how we tend to worry and fuss over day to day stuff.

He tells us that God provides for what we need…we can worry so much about exams, and assignments and schedules and “how will I get this done on time?” We can worry so much we fail to enjoy the journey – Jesus says do not worry God knows what is needed.

And by the way, there are people here who can help you when you get in trouble – counselors chaplain, teachers who have a friendly ear – just to let you know. Welcome to a new school year. Please make sure that you enjoy the journey.