Alysen Barron Wright (HS'10)

Alysen Barron Wright (HS'10)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy.

Career: After graduating in 2017 from the U of S, I spent several years working as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager. Now I work for an American company that offers online education in the field of somatics.

Personal Life: I am now living in Italy - working, exploring, learning Italian, and training in yoga therapy in my spare time.

How did participation in Luther sports, along with the academic requirements at Luther College help prepare you for your future?

I can remember the long days during volleyball and basketball season where a typical day would consist of school, studying in the library, practice, then more study at home. Luther definitely prepared me for the rigour of university life. By contrast, life after Luther and university feels quite laidback! My time at Luther taught me how to be organized, disciplined, manage my time, and work well with others - all of which have been immensely important in any work I’ve done.

What is your favourite Luther sport memory?

Dave Hall was coaching one of our basketball practices. We were just having a simple scrimmage, but the lightness and the fun of it has always stuck in my mind. It was a reminder of the importance of play and enjoying ourselves. That’s a valid goal in and of itself.

Do you have a message to share about your extracurricular involvement at Luther College?

I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of community until after finishing university and no longer having the built-in community that school offers. When I look back at my time playing sports at Luther, I’m most grateful for the time I got to spend with friends - supporting each other and working toward a common goal. I don’t remember the games we won or lost, but the sense of belonging is what stands out most.

Thank you so much to the teachers and coaches at Luther that supported us as students and athletes! It’s only now, years later, that I can start to understand the extent of what you did for us in terms of time, effort, and commitment.