ESL Requirements

ESL at Luther College High School

Luther College has an excellent reputation for developing students’ academic skills so that they are well prepared for post-secondary studies. Therefore, the objective of our ESL program is to equip international students with the requisite English language skills for finding academic success both at Luther and at a post-secondary institution of their choosing. 

Due to the strong emphasis on academics found at Luther, international students coming with a credit in English from another institution may not be able to succeed in Luther’s regular English classes. The same applies to other humanities classes including History and Christian Ethics. Students studying in an academic environment typically need a lot of language support, and because of this fact, Luther provides ample English language support for our international students, both in the classroom and one-on-one, until they have reached a proficiency level where they can find academic success on their own. The placement of international students in both ESL and mainstream courses is based on the results of a language assessment that all non-native English speakers must complete over Skype before attending Luther.