Investing in a Luther College Education

Investing in a Luther College Education

An education at Luther College is an important investment for your family and child. Luther College students are well prepared to become leaders as caring, ethical, critically engaged citizens. They will also be very well-prepared for university, wherever they attend. Luther is proud to offer academic programming excellence, meaningful co-curricular opportunities, small classes, a caring community, and a diverse, multicultural student body. As an historical independent school and registered charity, Luther College High School funds its mission and operations many ways.

How is Luther College High School Funded?

Luther is not a “private school” in that a private school  receives no government funding. For historical independent schools, a relatively simple formula is used to determine the financial support Luther receives from the provincial government for each Saskatchewan student enrolling here. 

The formula works like this: if you were to take all the funds provided to Saskatchewan students in the kindergarten to grade 12 system and divide that amount by the number of students, Luther College (and other historical independent schools) receive 70 percent of that amount per student. Luther College receives no provincial money for larger capital expenditures (i.e. new buildings, roofing, windows) except on an occasional basis. It has been nearly ten years since Luther was granted such funding and that amount was for a very small portion of our new gym.

In order to make up the difference between this government grant and what it costs to operate our school, Luther College charges tuition fees. Tuition fees and government grants combined cover 82 percent of a student’s education at Luther College. A portion also comes from the generous donations of parents, alumni and friends of the school.

How are Tuition Fees Determined?

The Board of Regents approves tuition fees as part of an annual operating budget for the school. This planning process takes into consideration ongoing capital repairs and replacements, as well as the day-to-day operating expenditures of the school. In spring of 2018, Luther College’s Board of  Regents approved tuition fees for the next five years.

Projected Tuition Fees

Families need a good understanding of the financial commitment they are making when enrolling at Luther College.
This table provides projected tuition fees for the next four years. These tuition fees will be reviewed annually.






Tuition Per Year










How Does Luther’s Tuition Compare To Other Independent Schools?

Luther’s tuition is in the lowest 15th percentile of all Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) based on its 2015-16 statistics. CAIS schools similar to Luther College across Canada have an average student tuition of $21,368 per year.
Fees at these schools range between $12,333 and $27,070.

What is Tuition Used For?

Tuition fees fund all of the elements that keep Luther performing at levels comparable to the best independent schools in Canada. These elements include our small class sizes, excellent academic programming, diverse co-curricular activities, a strong financial assistance program, maintenance of our physical buildings and salaries for our faculty and staff. 

What If I Can’t Pay My Tuition Fees?

Luther College will do its best to ensure that no one is excluded from attending due to financial reasons. Luther offers financial assistance to qualifying Saskatchewan students. In 2017-18, Luther supplied over $609,000 in bursaries and financial assistance to approximately 1/3 of our Saskatchewan students. Luther encourages parents to work with our Finance Office to set up payment schedules and payment options that work best for them.