Cafeteria and Bus Fees

Cafeteria Fees 2022-2023

Day students may purchase a semester lunch plan, purchase meals daily, or load a cash balance on their fob. A semester lunch plan is $735 per semester. (This is a big saving as there can be 100 meals in a semester if the student eats every day, bringing the price down to $7.35 per lunch).  Any cash amount may be loaded on a student’s fob; however, there is a 10% savings if you add $100 or more, i.e., $110 worth of meals for $100.

To purchase a single meal the prices are: $7.25 for breakfast, $10.75 for lunch and $12.75 for dinner.

Semester lunch plans are purchased through the Main Office.  All other meal purchases are processed in the cafeteria. Please visit our website for more information about our cafeteria.

Bus Fees 2022-2023

Luther College coordinates bus service to and from areas in Regina, where student demand makes it feasible, as well as service to White City.  Please visit our website for more information on the School Bus Program.

  • Two-way service in Regina                            $360 per semester
  • One-way service in Regina                            $250 per semester
  • Two-way service White City                          $485 per semester
  • One-way service in White City                     $310 per semester