Application Fees & Deposits

Application Fee and Deposits 2021-2022

For all new students a $100 non-refundable fee is due with the application. 

All new Saskatchewan students are required to pay 10% tuition deposit ($903 for 2021-22) upon acceptance. Deposits for new students are fully refundable with written notice of a student's withdrawal prior to May 1, 2021. If a student withdraws after May 1, the tuition deposit is forfeit.

All returning students must submit a course request form and the $903 deposit by March 22, 2021.  This deposit will be applied to the tuition fees for the 2021-2022 school year. Deposits for returning Saskatchewan students are fully refundable with written notice of a student's withdrawal prior to Monday, April 26. If a student withdraws after April 26, the tuition deposit is forfeit.

Paying Deposits:

  • During this pandemic year, the preferred method of payment is by cheque or credit card.  Students can return a cheque or credit card form with the course request form to the main office.
  • Alternatively, parents can scan and email the credit card form to our Financial Services Officer or by phone at 306.791.9153.
  • Families interested in applying (or re-applying) for financial aid can do so by visiting the Apple Financial website. Applications for financial aid must be made each year.

For new non-Saskatchewan students, full tuition, a $3,000 education bond, $500 damage deposit, dorm and ESL fees (if applicable) are due upon acceptance in order to secure a spot in the education program.  The education bond is a one-time fee and is refunded upon graduation, less any amounts owing on the student’s account. Payment is accepted by credit card with CIBC Student Pay (preferred method) or by wire transfer.

Returning non-Saskatchewan students must submit their course request form and are required to pay the full tuition, dorm, (and ESL fees, if applicable) by March 22, 2021. Classes will not be scheduled and a place will not held without full payment of fees. 

Saskatchewan residency is defined in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Saskatchewan. The Government subsidizes the tuition for Saskatchewan students.