Welcome to the 2019 New Students blog!

Greetings new students! This special first edition of the blog is focused on our Grade 9 student Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors represent their grade and the school regularly throughout the year, at new student information nights, by hosting spend-a-day visits, and by being on hand to welcome new students to events such as film night and fine arts night. They are chosen by their teachers for their positive attitudes, kind and caring personalities, and leadership both within and outside the classroom. We thought you might be interested in some of the wisdom they've acquired throughout their first year at Luther -- what to be prepared for, what their favourite events have been, and why they chose to come to Luther. 

1. The main reasons why I chose Luther were the close community, as well as the exceptional academics. Luther has a lot of advantages as being one of the smaller high schools in the city, and one of those is the close-knit community. The size allows Luther to have a positive undercurrent that would not be possible in a larger school. The teachers all genuinely want to see their student excel. I also chose Luther because of its reputation academic wise. I wanted to be pushed and challenged to be well prepared for when I pursue post-secondary education.
2. The one extra-curricular activity I have enjoyed the most this year was playing on the soccer team. The soccer season begins right at the beginning of the school year, so as a freshman grade 9, it was a fantastic way to meet some new people from various grades while playing and improving as a soccer player.
3. Of all my first semester classes, history was my favourite, surprisingly enough! Most people would be surprised with this answer, and probably lament about the class having "too much homework" or being "too hard." But in my opinion, it was the best class of the semester because it encouraged us to work hard. To get a good mark in the class, you have to dig in and buckle down. You get out of the course what you put in. If you pay attention and apply yourself, the class will easily be one of the most informative and engaging classes that you will take.
4. Going to Luther has many positives, like the tightly-knit community and the strong emphasis that is placed on academics, but in my opinion, the best part of attending Luther College High School is the vibe that can only be sensed intuitively by students who interact with one another. At Luther, there is no such thing as a "try hard." In Elementary school, someone who wants to exceed academically or tries to do well in school will likely be marginalized as a "try hard," which is supposedly a bad thing. But being at Luther is different because most people want to do well not just at school but in society. Luther College High School places a high emphasis on excellence, and the culture permeates through every course, every class, and every interaction
1. I chose Luther because it not only provides an amazing education which I know will help me in the future, but also because I had heard a lot about its amazing arts program and how great the community is. 
2. Being at Luther has given me the opportunity to try out things that I wouldn’t have necessarily tried otherwise. My favourite activity that I am a part of is improv. It has really given me a chance to gain confidence and build new friendships, while also having a lot of fun. 
3. One of my favourite classes from the first semester was science. We got to do so many cool experiments and hands on activities which I really enjoyed. I also really liked my transitions/health class because it helped me to deal with the changes from elementary to high school, while also helping me to get to know my classmates better.
4. The best part of luther high school is honestly the community. I was scared going into Luther without very many friends, but everybody is so supportive and kind. I got to know so many amazing people and I really feel like I am part of a great community. 
1. I chose Luther because of the friendly teachers and staff don’t make learning a job, but instead an experience.
2. My favourite activity at Luther was the musical because the community of students and staff made me proud to be apart of the musical.
3. My favourite semester 1 class was transitions because it gave me assistance in guiding through the crazy life at Luther.
4. The best thing about Luther is the community, since we are a small school the bond you create between friends, teachers, and staff is truly extraordinary.
1. I chose to attend Luther College High School because of its strong emphasis on academic excellence and the pride the students and faculty have in being a Luther Lion. Everything about this school makes it the best launching pad for success in Saskatchewan. It’s strong academics, art programs, athletics and culture make it a welcoming environment for all new students.  
2. In the first few months of attending Luther, I went to provincials with the Cross Country running team, started singing in the Girls’ Choir, and became a representative for the SRC. I have enjoyed participating in varied opportunities that Luther College High School provides including sports, arts, leadership and above all, academic excellence. I have met so many new people and developed strong friendships through these extra curricular activities.
3. My favourite classes in the first semester were German and math. I had a lot of fun learning a new language and my teachers were all amazing.
4. When I came to Luther’s Invitational Basketball tournament last year, I saw a strong sense of community that I knew I wanted to be a part of. Everybody played a part in organizing a successful weekend that students, coaches, teachers and parents enjoyed.
Stay tuned to this space for more ambassador profiles, school event information, contests, prizes and lots more. 
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