LIVT and Women in Sport

Greetings new students! 
This week, our blog focuses on the importance of encouraging girls and women in sports and physical activity. As you may know, this is unfortunately an area that sometimes gets overlooked in our society -- we just don't see a lot of women playing professional sports, and many young girls may feel intimidated about joining organized sports. 
This does not mean that women are not playing professional sports. We have great examples of professional female athletes who are killing it in the sporting world. What it means, unfortunately, is that these sports are often less-funded by sponsors and less-viewed by the public. 
Wouldn't it be great for it to be a reality that young girls aspire to make a living playing the sports they love, just as young boys can dream of playing in the NHL, the NBA, or any other professional sporting league? 
At Luther, we believe it is important to encourage our female students to take part in sports and to support their sporting endeavors through promotion, volunteering at events, and showing up to cheer these girls on when they compete! 
The Luther Invitational Volleyball Tournament (LIVT) is one of our most important events at Luther. Since 1998, this tournament has only grown in size and popularity! It is now one of the first key events in our school's calendar, and it features our Senior Girls volleyball team, as well as teams from throughout the prairie provinces. 
We would like to take this opportunity to encourage grade 9 or incoming new students to take part in the tournament by helping out with admissions, concessions, or just by coming out to cheer on our team and all the others! Because this is one of the earliest events in our school year, we often don't get as many new students out as we'd like, so consider this an advance invitation and please come out! 
Also, On May 31st-June 1st, some of our female students and faculty will be attending the Women in Sport Conference, which has a goal of bringing together young women, female coaches, university athletes and leaders in sport and physical activity for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of young women regarding the role that sport and physical activity can play in their lives. This is one way that as a school Luther is trying to support women in sport and womens' sporting initiatives. 
Short story -- encouraging women and girls in sport and physical activity is something we care about as a school, and can't wait to welcome a whole new class of students who will keep these important traditions going! 
Thanks for reading. Look out for next week's blog, which will focus on our upcoming film night!