Grade 9 Ambassador profiles continued

Greetings new students! Welcome to another edition of our grade 9 ambassador profiles! 

This week we are featuring Corbin, Chris, and Brooklyn.


1) I chose Luther because it was for me the best place to challenge my academic and social values.

2) This year I chose to take part in a extra curricular activity which was one of the highlights of my year so far and this decision was to join the Football team. I am also planning on joining other sports during the spring.

3) I found that my two favourite classes would have to be history and art because they really showed me what type of place Luther is not only as a school but as a community.

4) My favourite part of Luther so far would have to be the events it hosts. For example LIT and LIVT were so much fun and really helped me feel at home within the school.

1) I chose to attend Luther College High School because it provides a great academic learning experience and enhances personal character.
2) I enjoy chess club at school and enjoy the sport of hockey outside of school
3) I enjoyed all of my first semester classes, because they were my first classes in high school. It was a great experience and the teachers did a great job providing the high school experience to me.
4) The best part about Luther College is its deeply enforced academics and the environment. Though the academics are similar to other high schools, the teachers try their best to make us better in academics than normal. The environment is very friendly, and is pleasing to be in.
1) I knew it was going to be good for my education and can give me options for my future.
2) Volleyball was really fun because I met lots of great friends and got to meet some of the older girls.
3) English, because Mr.Leupold made it really fun and helped me understand the stories, and was a great volleyball coach!
4) Meeting lots of new great friends, learning lots of great things, getting one on one help with the teachers.
We hope you enjoyed hearing from more of our ambassadors this week -- stay tuned for the next blog! If you (or your parents) have any questions in the meantime, you can send an email to our new student coordinator at
Have a great weekend!