Grade 12 advice for grade 9s (a guest blog) and August 1st contest winners!

Greetings new students! This edition of the New Student Blog comes to you from two of our grade 12 students -- Nicole and Veronica. They wanted to give you some advice from those who have been at Luther for 3 years already. Read to the end to find out who won the musical blog contest as well! 


Hey everyone, we’re Nicole and Veronica and we’re Grade Twelve students this year at Luther! Even though it’s only August we wanted to share what we love about Luther and some tips and tricks we found useful as new students! 

What should I look out for/expect from my first week of school?

Nicole: It’s nerve racking walking into a new school, but coming to new student orientation helps a lot. It gives you the chance to meet some people you will have classes with and even talk with Luther students who are in older grades. On the first day be sure to have your schedule with you (I put it as my lock screen) because it’s really easy to forget what class you are going to next! A couple other things to expect for your first couple weeks at Luther, would be to definitely try and go out of your comfort zone a little bit and attend the dance we have during the first week, or tryout for volleyball, soccer, musical, or football. Besides sports there are tons of clubs that allow everyone to get involved and get to know people. Overall, coming into a new school is a little scary, but there are tons of people who are wanting and willing to help you out! The first week will be a week of fun activities and it allows you to become accustomed to our school, so don’t be afraid to get involved and ask lots of questions!


Veronica: It can be nerve racking getting accustomed to your schedule, but attending the New Student Orientation really gives you a chance to get to know the school and ask any questions you may have. However, coming in a little earlier on your first day so you have time to set up your locker and find your class can also make the first day a lot less stressful. Additionally, I found it useful (and I still do this) to keep my schedule as the lock screen to my phone! However, in the event you do get lost, or you can’t open your lock, or you just have a question don’t be afraid to ask for help. During the first week of school SRC members, teachers, and fellow students are looking out to make sure that new students know where they are going! The first week of school eases you into the swing of Luther, there are so many fun events like a dance, fun day, and the grade 9 camping trip that it is more fun than stressful! But also keep an eye out for important chapel announcements and musical auditions. Overall, have a good time, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and get involved!


What are some of the events to look forward to throughout the year?

Nicole: Luther has some of the most fun events all throughout the year (I may be slightly biased). Some of my personal favourite events would be LIVT and LIT because the entire school comes together and the atmosphere alone is enough to make you feel proud you go to Luther. But besides sports tournaments the Musical is probably one of my favourite events. This year our production is Anne of Green Gables and just like LIVT and LIT the entire school comes together; punting sets, setting up the stage, and even showing people to their seats at the matinee.


Veronica: This is a really tough question because there are so many fun events during the year! All college is cool because the whole school comes together as a community to enjoy food, student entertainment, and take photos with their friends! But the musical, LIT, and candlelight are also always incredible events.  


What were/are some of your favourite classes?

Nicole: In grade 9 I think my favourite class was science. It was a big change from my elementary school science classes where we would just read about what we were learning, to high school where you do real life examples and experiments. Besides science, I enjoyed languages; taking Latin and German.


Veronica: I really love German! It is such a fun yet educational class and it is really rewarding to learn a new language! But Drama and Choir are also super fun classes that give you a break from the stress and structure of the rest of the day!


Did you find the workload overwhelming?

Nicole: In grade 9, in the first semester I was playing volleyball, participating in the musical and attempting to be apart of other clubs. And with the workload I found that as long as you kept organized and worked hard the workload itself was not bad. Having friends to study with and help encourage you to do your work helps a lot as well!


Veronica: In grade nine I had a study hall first semester so that helped me to have less homework in the evening but when it came to semester two I didn’t have a study hall so I was worried about falling behind and becoming overwhelmed. While some nights I had a lot to do it really came down to time management and the teachers help you to adapt to the homework load of highschool (in classes like transitions) but you also just get used to it and learn to fit it into whatever your schedule outside of school is. There will always be times that you end up procrastinating or you feel stressed but as long as you remember to work ahead and manage your time it really isn’t too bad!



Overall, we just want to say welcome to Luther and we hope that we helped answer any questions you have, if not we would love to talk with you at new student orientation or during school! We hope you enjoy Luther as much as we do.


And there you have it! Hope you've enjoyed reading some advice from two of our grade 12 students -- hope to see many of you at Orientation on August 28th! 


p.s. Congratulations to the winners of the Musical travel cups : Christie Chow, Annika Drummond, and Elian Rapoport! Email julia.mitchell@luthercollege to arrange for pick up of your prizes!