Did You Know?

  • Students admitted to Luther College are not required to be Lutheran or Christian. By welcoming students of all faiths and religious backgrounds, Luther College enjoys a richly diverse student body.

  • In the late 1920's, during an in-house baseball tournament, Rex Schneider entered a team called "Prof Schneider's Battling Lions." This is the first hint that someday Luther teams would be known as the Lions.  

  • The first LIT was held on January 31, 1953. That year it was a one-day tournament involving sixteen teams from Southern Saskatchewan. All preliminary games were played cross court, two games at a time.

  • Luther graduates have gone on to universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Pennsylvania State, McGill, Queen’s and other renowned educational institutions throughout Canada, North America and the world.

  • Through the A Time To Build capital campaign, we have added 46,897 square feet of space to Luther College High School, including the Semple gymnasium -  the largest high school gym in Regina.

  • The International Baccalaureate provides an enriched curriculum that both covers and extends beyond regular Saskatchewan curricula in its depth and detail. It emphasizes the development of the necessary critical skills that university-bound students need to master: reflecting, inquiring, thinking, analyzing and evaluating.

  • Luther students, even though from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, have the opportunity to be part of tightly woven community of students, parents, alumni, teachers and staff. Typically 12% of the school’s student body originates from outside of Canada.

  • The first annual Senior Girls Volleyball Tournament was held in 1998 and is still going strong today!

Greetings new students! This week's edition of the blog focuses on our extra-curricular activities at Luther. Whether you are interested in Chess, Badminton, Debate, Improv, Football or any number of activities; whether you are artsy, sporty (or both!), there are exciting opportunities for you to find and hone your passions.

Learning new skills, meeting new people, and contributing positively to your community are just some of the reasons why our students decide to join extracurricular programing at Luther. 

Extracurricular activity is also a key part of Luther's philosophy of educating the "whole student" -- meaning that we value your contributions as an individual with many gifts, both in and outside of the classroom. 

Our extracurricular magazine is a great way to learn about what Luther has to offer outside the classroom. We think it's a great idea to have a look at the magazine and start getting excited about extracurricular life at Luther! 

Here is the link to the magazine on our website: https://issuu.com/lutherwebsite/docs/117583_luther_co_mag_cropped_low_re. 

To help get you started, we are running a contest for newly registered students this month (prize: a Luther hoodie!). 

All you have to do is: 

1. Have a look at the magazine. 

2. Pick 3 activities you are most interested in or excited about (or maybe you have an idea for a club or activity that isn't listed -- let us know!)

3. Write to our new student coordinator at julia.mitchell@luthercollege.edu by April 10th with your response to be entered into the draw for the Luther swag. Include your first and last name. 

The winner will be notified on April 15th! Good luck!