Online Learning and Teaching

What Online Learning Looks Like at Luther College

During the pandemic of COVID-19, our three primary aims for online learning at Luther College High School are:

  1. Helping students prepare academically for next year;
  2. Keeping students as connected to community as possible in a virtual world;
  3. Promoting well-being.

We adhere to all Ministry of Education directives (the latest being issued March 16), including the assumption that schools will remain closed until at least June 30. Administration is in frequent contact with the Ministry. Administration consults regularly with faculty and support staff regarding how online teaching and support work are going.  Faculty consult regularly with students regarding their online learning experiences. The Ministry is not providing extra funding dedicated to online learning.

Marks, Workload and Schedules

  • Students can choose the mark earned as of March 13 as the final mark for any second semester course; or, they can choose to try to upgrade that mark through supplemental work done between March 13 and June 17.
  • Student work must be of a sufficient quality to warrant the increased grade.
  • Students interested in knowing how much they can improve their grade before June 17 are encouraged to speak directly with each teacher as the answer varies according to the subject. 
  • June 17 is the final day of classes.
  • Final marks will be published at the end of June.
  • Most teachers are scheduling two lessons a week and one period of office hours for each class. Teaching and office hour schedules can be found online in each Google Classroom.  If you can’t find that information, please contact the teacher(s) directly.
  • Currently, about 80% of students say the workload is just about right; 20% say it’s too much or too little.  Teachers will continue to adjust as they get more used to this new teaching forum.
  • It’s vital students keep up and have a routine as catching up with recorded sessions is very difficult.  Teachers are here to help, but online learning is much more self-directed than live classroom learning.
  • Teachers are striving to ensure skills and knowledge essential to the next grade level or post-secondary pursuits are well-covered.  For example, the science department is attempting to do some virtual or modified labs.
  • However, teachers also understand that students returning this fall may need to be “brought up to speed” academically, even though we are doing all we can to ensure the essentials are being taught online now.  Faculty will take into account where they are in their learning due to restrictions imposed this semester.
  • When school does reopen, faculty will spend time preparing students to write exams after a long layoff.
  • Students struggling with concepts, considering dropping a class or two, or wanting additional practice work to prepare for next year are strongly encouraged to speak to their teachers who can guide them through any of these concerns.


  • For grade 12 students taking IB classes, IB will be awarding their marks in July as usual.
  • Any grade 11 IB student who during the summer months is eager to review content in their courses from this semester or begin work for grade 12 should consult directly with their teachers for supplementary resources. 
  • Because worldwide exams were cancelled, IB marks will be based on internal assessments and major assignments already submitted to IB.  This mark can be accessed in July. Luther’s IB Coordinator, Derek Frostad, will assist students in accessing their marks once they are released.
  • IB students’ Saskatchewan Education percentage marks will be published on OSA at the end of June. 
  • Students with questions about IB marks and university entrance are encouraged to contact either IB Coordinator Derek Frostad or Academic Guidance Counsellor Julia Mitchell.


  • Grade 11 marks may become more important to university acceptance than before. Please check directly with universities or with Academic Guidance Counsellor Julia Mitchell.
  • Post-secondary institutions are working on how to transition first-year students who may have experienced curriculum gaps.

School Life

  • It is hoped that abridged versions of major school events such as All College, SRC elections, Chapel and Grad will continue in some sort of online way.  Details on all these events will be communicated as they occur.  
  • Decisions regarding smaller-scope events (i.e. Awards Night) will be made at a later date.
  • We hope to be able to plan a social time in the future dedicated entirely to this year’s grade 12s. 
  • Students will receive a yearbook which can be picked up when we do locker clean outs and textbook returns late June.  All government distancing measures still in effect will be observed.  Details will be communicated at a later date.
  • We worry about student well-being. Our counsellors are available for online support. Our athletic director produces physical wellness videos/resources that can be found in Google Classroom.
  • Parents are reminded school administration is determined not to lose any students for financial reasons.  Please contact our Finance Officer Tess Kossick if you have financial concerns.

Who To Contact

Administration, teachers and support staff are working remotely during the closure. Phones have been forwarded and employees will still check e-mail daily, and the business operations of the school will continue. Here's the full faculty and staff directory.

Common questions can be directed to:

  • Technology issues or questions -
  • IB -
  • Student anxiety, mental health or other wellness concerns - and   
  • Dorm life - and   
  • Financial aid, tuition deposits and payments -
  • University applications -