Graduation 2020

Graduation 2020

Luther is committed to offering as much of the grad experience as we can, while still abiding by government restrictions and guidelines, and protecting the safety of all in our community.  The graduation committee is hard at work and still deciding on various details.  More communications will follow as other details are finalized.  

However, this is a friendly reminder that we live in uncertain times.  The reality of COVID-19 is that all our plans could change in the coming weeks, or even the day before grad.  Therefore, your continued flexibility and patience is most appreciated.   

There will be a livestreamed, virtual grad ceremony at 10:00 am, June 27th but no evening banquet or formal program.  The Ministry of Education released a statement yesterday that discourages in-person public gatherings for graduation ceremonies.  Instead, they suggest virtual or livestreamed ceremonies. For now, we are working on the premise that the only people who will be physically present in the Belsher on grad morning will be the speakers and readers, a few musicians, a camera operator, and an office person, all far away from each other.  In our efforts to adhere to social distancing and to keep groups to allowable sizes, we will not have students, families or faculty present.

However, we also recognize that come the middle of June (or before), there could be a sudden shift allowing us to safely have at least the grads in attendance, with some kind of social distancing.  We too are hopeful they be allowed to do the highly meaningful and symbolic crossing of the stage, but if things remain as they are, the challenges outweigh the benefits.  For now, we keep our options open.  

The grad packages asking grads to order tassels, gowns etc. will be how we cover both scenarios.  If things remain as they are, then students still have a nice keepsake.  If things open even more and we can do some sort of crossing the stage, then students have the necessary apparel to do so.

If we cannot have students cross the stage, we will use the data projector and screen on which we will show the student’s cap and gown photo.  Under the photo will be some text that may include whether or not the student achieved honour roll and/or took IB classes, and perhaps some comments on the student’s plans for next year and some of his or her co-curricular accomplishments.

As per our tradition, a faculty member (this year Mme. Andrews) will be reading students’ names and accomplishments. The last part of the ceremony will be dedicated to the awarding of grade 12 scholarships and awards.  Again, they will be read out by Mme. Andrews.  

Naturally, we will be adding further details and plans over the coming weeks.  Please be assured we will continue to balance the health of our community with the desire to properly celebrate one of life’s important milestones.