Honour Roll

Honour Roll


Effective May 2017

1. These awards will be based on the weighted average of a minimum of eight current passing marks for students in good standing. Grade 12 students also need to have accumulated 26 total credits.

2. The eight marks are those required for the particular grade, whenever taken at Luther College, and the highest optional marks taken in the current year. Additional current marks will be used if beneficial. The required marks from each of the following departments are:

a) Christian Ethics
b) English (2)
c) History
d) Science
e) Mathematics
f) One Language, Phys Ed or Fine Arts

  • Grade 9 also requires both Math 9A and Math 9B, the two half classes Health 9 and Transitions 9, and PhysEd.
  • In grade 10, Math Foundations 10 and Wellness 10 are used for the Language, Phys Ed or Fine Arts requirement.
  • In grade 12, the two best Science 20 or 30 classes taken in other years are also included.

3. If two or more marks meet a single requirement, the highest mark will become the requirement, and the other(s) will be treated as optional.

4. Marks will be weighted relative to a full semester. When a class is scheduled for a full two semesters, the January final and April midterm mark will be treated as two separate marks.

5. January graduates count their year beginning in the previous spring semester.

6. Students must get prior permission from Administration to take credit classes outside of Luther College to be eligible for a Luther diploma but these marks will not be used for average calculations. Students are allowed to take one credit course outside of Luther each academic year. In some cases, university, or special credit courses may be used.

7. Students arriving in the second semester are only eligible for Honours or High Honours based on the average of a full load of midterm marks.

8. Students with exceptional schedules whose program does not allow annual requirements to be exactly met may be considered individually by the Academic Vice Principal or designate.

9. An average of 80% or higher will be required for High Honours. An average of 75% up to 79.9% inclusive will be required for Honours. Averages are calculated to one decimal place.

10. Exclusive of these regulations, the faculty by majority vote may grant an award to a student for exceptional academic performance.

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The Dr. Rex H. & Elsa Schneider Scholarship & Gold Medal is awarded to an outstanding student who has achieved the highest average in the school. This medal was established in memory of Mrs. Schneider and Dr. Rex H. Schneider, the first Principal and President of Luther College in Regina, who served from 1926 to 1964.

The Principal’s Gold Medal is awarded to a graduating student with the greatest general proficiency in academic and co-curricular activities.