Board Committees

Board Committees

Academic & Administrative Committee

Chair: Murray Knuttila
Members: Karl Tiefenbach (ex officio), Robert Davis, Beth Drozda, Daranne Harris, Victoria Mwamasika, Dwight Nelson

Development Committee

Chair: Andrea Wagner
Members: Karl Tiefenbach (ex officio), Lee Elliot, Laurel Garven, Daranne Harris, Dwight Nelson

Executive Committee

Chair: Karl Tiefenbach
Members: Jeff Christiansen, Beth Drozda, Murray Knuttila, Daryl Nelson, Greg Swanson, Karl Tiefenbach, Andrea Wagner

Finance & Audit Committee

Chair: Daryl Nelson
Members: Karl Tiefenbach (ex officio), Janet Bjorndahl, Robert Davis, Helga Hein, Jody Hilderman

Governance Committee 

Chair: Jeff Christiansen
Members: Karl Tiefenbach (ex officio), Janet Bjorndahl,  Beth Drozda, Lee Elliot, Laurel Garven, Helga Hein, Greg Swanson

Depending on the committee, selected members of the administration, faculty, staff and students of the College are invited to sit on, and report to, these committees.