Board Committees

Did You Know?

  • Students admitted to Luther College are not required to be Lutheran or Christian. By welcoming students of all faiths and religious backgrounds, Luther College enjoys a richly diverse student body.

  • Luther graduates have gone on to universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Pennsylvania State, McGill, Queen’s and other renowned educational institutions throughout Canada, North America and the world.

  • The International Baccalaureate provides an enriched curriculum that both covers and extends beyond regular Saskatchewan curricula in its depth and detail. It emphasizes the development of the necessary critical skills that university-bound students need to master: reflecting, inquiring, thinking, analyzing and evaluating.

  • In the late 1920's, during an in-house baseball tournament, Rex Schneider entered a team called "Prof Schneider's Battling Lions." This is the first hint that someday Luther teams would be known as the Lions.  

  • When the College was first looking to relocate from Melville to Regina, it considered land at College & Winnipeg, College & Broad, and 23rd & Albert, finally settling on 18 acres of land on the west end of property owned by Government House, now called Royal Street.

  • Luther College High School is recognized as one of the four best university preparatory schools in western Canada with as many as 96% of Luther graduates pursuing post-secondary educations. 

  • Do you know someone in Kindergarten to Grade 8 that would like to be part of the Luther Family? Encourage them to join the Future Luther Student program!

  • The first annual Senior Girls Volleyball Tournament was held in 1998 and is still going strong today!

Board Committees

Academic & Administrative Committee

Chair: Meredith Cherland
Members: Michael Fritzler (ex officio), Jeff Christiansen, Murray Knuttila, Antoinette le Roux, David Solheim

Audit Committee

Chair: Bruce McDowell
Members: Janet Bjorndahl, Michael Fritzler (ex officio), Daryl Nelson, Karl Tiefenbach

Building & Facilities Renewal Committee

Chair: Daryl Nelson
Members: Michael Fritzler (ex officio), Lindsay Hognestad, Bruce McDowell, David Solheim

Development Committee

Chair: Jeff Christiansen
Members: Michael Fritzler (ex officio), Laurel Garven, Daranne Harris, Lindsay Hognestad, Antoinette le Roux

Executive Committee

Chair: Michael Fritzler
Members: Meredith Cherland, Jeff Christiansen, Bruce McDowell, Daryl Nelson, Karen Pflanzner, David Solheim

Finance Committee

Chair: Bruce McDowell
Members: Janet Bjorndahl, Michael Frizler (ex officio), Daryl Nelson, Karl Tiefenbach

Governance Committee 

Chair: David Solheim
Members:  Michael Frizler (ex officio), Meredith Cherland, Laurel Garven, Murray Knuttila, Karen Pflanzner, Karl Tiefenbach

Depending on the committee, selected members of the administration, faculty, staff and students of the College are invited to sit on, and report to, these committees.