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LC 218

Gerald Hill is a poet who teaches English and Creative Writing at Luther.  Born and raised in southern Saskatchewan, the son of two farm kids, one an army veteran who also taught school for many years in Saskatchewan, he believes in “a local pride” (in the words of W.C.Williams) as the site where the “universal” first registers.   Widely published in literary journals and anthologies, he has published five books of poetry—the most recent of which, 14 Tractors, won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry in 2010—and one nonfiction work, Their Names Live On: Remembering Saskatchewan’s Fallen in World War II (with Doug Chisholm).  A selection from a new manuscript, called Natural Cause: The Poems of Stan Still, won Second prize for Poetry in the 2010 CBC Literary Awards. 

  • ENGL 100—Critical Reading and Writing I
  • ENGL 110—Saskatchewan Literature, Travel Literature, American Classics, Nature Writing
  • ENGL 251—Expository Writing
  • ENGL 252—Creative Writing

Current research & community work       

  •  Natural Cause: The Stan Still Poems (a book of poems about, and in the voice of, a character known as Stan Still, who has appeared in G.Hill’s previous two books). 
  • Hillsdale Book (a book-length exploration—via poems, stories, photos, essay fragments, dramatic scenes, found text—of the personal and cultural connotations of an urban subdivision).

Select current publications

  • 14 Tractors.  Edmonton: NeWest Press, 2009.
  • My Human Comedy.  Regina: Coteau, 2008.
  • Getting To Know You.  Edmonton: Spotted Cow, 2003.
  • The Man From Saskatchewan.  Regina: Coteau, 2001.