The Depression years at Luther, 1930

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The "Dirty Thirties" hit hard on the prairies, and Luther College was not immune, with enrolment dropping to as few as 70 students. Faculty members took pay cuts of 10% initially, but their salaries were cut in half again before the economy recovered. Even though Luther faced difficult situations, these years were not without joys. In 1931, principal Dr Rex Schneider and mathematics professor Elsa Mees were married. Students who were able to attend Luther College still enjoyed sports and music programs. In 1930, the choral groups staged the operetta Marrying Marion, and in 1936, the boys won the Intercollegiate Rugby Championships. As Luther grew and recovered from the Depression, the student body at Luther slowly became more diverse. Prior to the 1930s, most students had come from Lutheran homes. In the years following, the Luther College student body represented a breadth of Protestant faiths.