Luther Invitational Tournament tradition begins

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With a competitive basketball program, Luther constructed a new gymnasium in 1951. Under the direction of coach John Chomay, Luther College hosted a senior boys basketball tournament for 16 Saskatchewan teams in 1953. While the tournament decreased to eight teams in 1954, the enthusiasm for the Luther Invitational Tournament has continued to grow. Since their first win in 1953, the senior boys Luther Lions have played in the finals eight times, winning the tournament in 1984, 1990 and 2006. Shifting slowly in the 1970s, and more officially in 1977 under tournament director Gerry Harris, LIT became a student-run initiative. The tournament is about more than just basketball: students learn about sportsmanship, develop teamwork and volunteering skills, and take ownership of their athletics program. LIT is just one example of Luther's commitment to athletic excellence.